>The TOPCASHBACKFOREX.COM is an English rebate service company for Forex traders. The operation of our company is based on the principle that part of brokerage commission is returned to the traders. This will lower the traders’s trading costs.The name was a conscious choice, we want to send the message that we operate as professional cashback company. Our aim is to provide innovative solutions and high quality services to our clients.  We support our clients and keep track of the evolving needs so that we can provide them the best possible service. Be our partner so that we can achieve bigger success together in the world of Forex.

>First of all register on our website for free. If you have received the confirmation e-mail, please send us your customer number, so that we can activate your account in the rebate program. Please do not send your password to us. After choose a broker from compare broker’s page and follow the instruction on your screen. Please don't forget to send your account number before depositing your money. You can do this under the my account box filling the ADD BROKER fields. Now you are ready to trade.

>Registration on our website is free. You can do it on TOPCASHBACKFOREX’s home page, or by clicking on the given link. Your data is treated securely and they are not disclosed to third parties.

>Logging in, now you can choose a broker at the compare broker’s page. After you chose on your screen follow the broker rebate description, please do not forget to send your broker account number to us than we can verify your new account wait for our confirm e-mail.

>A round turn lot is a position that was both opened and closed a completed trade.

>Of course, you still receive  whether you lose or win trades.

>At the moment we making the payouts in USD.

>Even if you already have a trading account with a chosen broker, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the rebates offered by TOPCASHBACKFOREX.COM too. All you have to do is register on TOPCASHBACKFOREX.COM and open an a new account through the broker rebate description page sending your account number to us we can activate your rebate of your new account in our system. After that, the broker going to transfer your money from your old account to your new account you can start trading so that you can qualify for rebates.

> Yes we are try to give the best offer on the market to our clients. However this depend on the brokers please look after at the brokers profile

>Depending on the broker usually we got two ways, your rebate is appear on your trading account or it appear on your TOPCASBACKFOREX balance.

>After logging into your TOPCASBACKFOREX under “My Account” menu you can check your current account and the amounts which have been closed and can be withdrawn.
Also some brokers are sending your rebate to your trading account.

>Our customers' satisfaction and trust is top priority. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by support@topcashbackforex.com e-mail address. Please send it to us, where you have found the discrepancy, and please attach the invoice history of the disputed period. Our colleague will contact you within 24 hours.

>You can check your account on TOPCASHBACKFOREX.COM website under "My Account" menu at Broker Account, select your trading account click on the download button and you can see your statistics.

>Currently you can choose from PayPal (no fee), Skrill (no fee) and Neteller (no fee) payment methods on TOPCASHBACKFOREX.COM  In the future, we are planning to implement other popular and secure payment methods too, e.g WebMoney, Chine UnionPay, etc.

>You can request for payment 10 calendar days after each completed month.This is necessary for the transparency of the accounting system. If you wish, you may request the full accumulated amount to be paid. The amount credited for the current month can be consulted only after the closure of the reference month.The minimum requested monthly amount is $20. Payments take place every month between the 10th and 15th.If you want, you can modify the requested amount.Please let us know about the modified amount by e-mail. Then we cancel your payment request received earlier, and you can re-apply for the payment of the new amount on TOPCASHBACKFOREX.COM' s website. 

>Currently it is not possible to join TOPCASHBACKFOREX.COM as a partner. But in the future we may create ways to offer possibilities for this type of cooperation. Contact us on support@topcasbackforex.com.

>we do not have access to the clients accounts. we are partnered with the brokers, and we are not a money manager service team.

>Yes, there is a opportunity for that kind of rebate services, you can find more details at the broker rebate description.

>You can choose between two options:  send us an email to support@topcashbackforex.com or you can contact us through the website in "Contact" menu. Whichever option you choose, our colleague will contact you within 24 hours.